Bears Wanted Kustom, LLC

The fabrication shop is very diverse with equipment and tools. Bear’s skills in using these tools provides him the ability to turn out some incredible custom one-off items. This is what makes the shop and Bear so fascinating.

Here is a glimpse of some of the services provided.

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We offer a complete range of welding capabilities including MIG, AC/DC TIG and Wire Feed Aluminum.

Metal Fabricaton

We utilize a number of different tools that allow us to process precision formed parts in Mild Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper and Brass. 

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We use a wide range of machining processes including Metal Cut-Off, Drill Press, Multiple Sanding/Planning and the Metal Lathe.

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Custom Paint

With an extensive background and the use of high end equipment like DeVilbiss Spray Guns and Iwata Air Brush, we can provide many types of professional paint work. It includes Basecoat/Clearcoat, Single Stage, Candys and more using Urethanes, Epoxy's and More.

Metal Conditioning

Our metal conditioning includes Media Etching, Acid Etching, Media Blasting, Heat Tempering, Brazing and multiple types of Polishing.

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3D printing
3D Printer

Our 3D printer is used to make one of a kind parts that can be turned into a Mold for Casting Resins or even Low Heat Metal Casting.

Wood Working
Wood Working

With multiple types of wood Sanders and Saws including a Table Saw and Miter Saw, we can incorporate wood into our custom creations.


With history in the custom marine field, the Skills and Ability's and to many tools to list,we are able to create some amazing parts. We use Free Sculpt, Molding and Laminate and Hand Lay-up with a wide range of Polyester and Epoxy resins.


Sick Surfaces is a sister company also owned by Bear that provides High End Design custom epoxy resin products such as Custom Resin Art, Feature Wills, Countertops, Bar Tops, Backsplashes and much more.

Click the Sick Surfaces title box above  to visit our "Sick" website.